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We're not merely service providers; we're seasoned Amazon sellers who have scaled the heights to seven-figure sales. Our mission? To propel your brand to market leadership, unlocking the full spectrum of its potential.

Stand Out in the Crowd
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In Amazon’s hyper-competitive environment, an effective PPC strategy isn't just a nice-to-have.

it's a must-have. You're aware of this need. But are you leveraging your PPC ads to their fullest potential?

If not, you're leaving money on the table. We’re here to change that.

Optimized through strategy and real-time data

Precision Keyword Research and Targeting

Creative Ad Design and Optimization

Comprehensive Campaign Management

Performance Monitoring and Detailed Reporting

Thorough Competitive Analysis

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Lower Your ACOS + Drive More Organic Sales

Our overarching goal is to lower your ACOS whilst increasing both your sponsored and organic sales.
Let us take the reins, giving you the peace of mind with our all encompassing PPC Management services.

Proven Track Record & Outstanding ROI
We Deliver on Our Commitments

What makes us the ideal partner for your Amazon journey? It's simple. We've walked in your shoes, braved the challenges, decoded the secrets of success, and emerged victorious with seven-figure sales. Our hands-on experience and proven results position us to generate exceptional ROI for your brand.

Our work with Mfacoy has yielded impressive results, demonstrating the impact of our collaboration. Here are some key numbers that showcase the success we've achieved together in the last 90 days of us working together:

Total Sales:


ad Spend:


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I know Amazon is huge, but as an established brand, what is going to be my ROI by selling on the site? It seems expensive and unnecessary.
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